What Is A Feral Cat?

A feral cat is a cat that was born outside and has never been socialized with humans. A feral cat can also be a house cat that was lost or thrown out, and over time forgets how to be domesticated, and reverts to a feral (wild) state as a means of survival.

What Is A Colony?

Feral cats often live in family groups, or colonies.

What is Trap Neuter Return (TNR)?

It is a nonlethal means of population control, in which all the cats in a colony are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered and vaccinated. They are also ear-tipped. Ear-tipping is a relatively painless procedure, in which just the tip of the left ear is surgically removed. This universal symbol lets others know that the cat has been spayed or neutered. The cats are then released back to their original environment, where food, water and shelter are provided by colony caretakers.

The Benefits of Trap Neuter Return (TNR)

  • Stabilizes and reduces the population
  • Greatly reduces the cat population in shelters, by eliminating unwanted litters
  • Is a humane way to reduce the population
  • Is more effective and less costly than extermination
  • Cats live out their lives in safe, familiar territory

Myths About Feral Cats Debunked

Feral cats do not deplete wildlife. Studies show that destruction of natural habitat, chemical pollution, pesticides and drought cause the depletion of wildlife.

Feral cats will not attack humans, unless provoked. Feral cats try to avoid human contact and will run and hide when approached.

The incidence of contracting diseases from feral cats is rare. Contact with other humans is more likely to be a source of contracting infectious diseases.

Can Feral Cats Be Relocated?

Only under extreme circumstances will we relocate feral cats. Relocation simply does not work. The cats are frightened of their new environment and often run away. Not being familiar with their new surroundings, they lack food, water and shelter and will perish. Returning feral cats back to their familiar habitat is best for the cats. They form strong bonds with their territory and colony and have learned to survive in their original environment.

Does TNR Return ALL Cats Back To Their Colonies?


Young kittens and tame cats are put up for adoption or placed with humane societies for adoption.

Spay/Neuter Feral Cat Package

$55 Suggested Donation :

  • Spay/neuter
  • Rabies vaccination
  • FVRCP (Distemper) vaccination
  • Worming medication
  • Recovery after surgery (in cages with food, water, litter box & beds – A luxury to most feral cats)
    • 5 days for females
    • 3 days for males
  • FeLV testing is an additional cost